I’m Jasmon Outar.

I help Veterans  Understand and Fight for their Benefits.

Meet Jasmon, a dedicated veteran who achieved a remarkable 100% permanent and total rating after facing approximately 11 months of denials. Initially perplexed by the rejections for her service-connected conditions, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Undertaking thorough research and delving into her medical records, Jasmon gained a profound understanding of her injuries, ensuring they were rightfully considered as service-connected issues.

This pivotal moment not only led to Jasmon receiving the well-deserved rating she had sought but also ignited her passion to assist fellow veterans. Determined to make a difference, she selflessly started helping her family and friends with their own ratings, providing her expertise at no cost to them. As a result of her support, they too received the ratings they deserved, some even securing increases to their existing ratings, with a few achieving the esteemed 100% permanent and total status.

Jasmon’s journey from adversity to advocacy serves as an inspiring example of how knowledge, perseverance, and empathy can transform lives. Her commitment to aiding others has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the veteran community.

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